Home Remodeling

Allow Beyond the Build to assist with your Whole Home Renovation project.  Organization and efficiency is key when planning and implementing a large-scale project.  We provide a detailed outline of the process from start to finish, determine your budget, and communicate with you every step of the way.  Chose to remodel your en-suite, kitchen, whole main floor or whole home!

full home reno
Whole Home Remodeling

The remodeling of a whole house can be a daunting task to plan.  Beyond the Builds emphasis on a logical and efficient installation plan ensures that your whole home renovation will go as smooth as possible. Often known as “gutting” a house, a whole home renovation will reduce your home to its structural components and strip it down to the studs.  At this time, any plumbing, electrical and HVAC changes can easily be made.  Insulation can be upgraded to help create a more energy efficient house.  There are also endless possibilities that can be explored in regards to room layouts and floor plans.  Beyond the Builds experience in residential remodeling allows us to guide you through various floor plan options and designs.

Load bearing walls can be removed to create an open concept living design, or partition walls can be built to create additional rooms and privacy.  Once the structural aspects are complete, the selection and procurement of finish materials can begin.  Now, the process of turning your house back into your home begins.  Don’t let the thought of your home renovation overwhelm you, trust Beyond the Build with your project!

A Detailed Look at the Whole Home Remodeling Process

Beyond the Build begins with a one on one, in home consultation. Here we discern the uses and desires that you have for your space. The current state of your home is assessed and we will notify you if there are any concerns or issues in regards to infrastructure. During this stage, a budget will be established and floor plan ideas will be reviewed. Now, material choice and design decisions are made.

Next, once the floor plan and budget are finalized, a detailed and itemized contract will be written up, reviewed and signed. Any changes that are needed will warrant a change order to be issued, and all parties will be required to sign off on these changes. Material procurement can now begin. With the completion of the former, a 2D drawing will be rendered and kept on site to be referenced. Once all the planning and design is completed and confirmed, the building phase can begin.

Kitchen Remodeling

The Kitchen is more than just a room used for cooking and food preparation.  It is a gathering place for your family and an area to entertain guests.  Beyond the Build believes everyone should love and enjoy their kitchen.  We offer comprehensive kitchen remodeling services with improved functionality and refined styles.  Customize your kitchen to suit your household needs.  Whether you’re dreaming of new cabinets and counter tops, or a complete kitchen overhaul, we can help create your new dream kitchen!

Kitchen Services:

  • Kitchen layout and floor-plan re-configurations
  • Cabinets and Counter Tops
  • Island/Bar and Back Splash Installation
  • Load Bearing Wall Removals and Open Concept design
  • Kitchen Demolition and Renovation
Homeowner Considerations

As a homeowner planning a whole home remodel, there are many things that should be taken into consideration.  Outlined below is a brief list and description of things that a homeowner may find beneficial to think about prior to starting a whole home renovation.


Define what you want to accomplish with your future remodeling project. Having a clearly defined scope and vision for your project will help pin point what needs to be done, when, and how.  This minimizes latent distractions and allows for the most transparent and logical plan to be designed.

Schedule and Timeline

Consider how long your renovation may take, and what your life will look like during this time.  It would be best to schedule your renovation during a time where you are available to meet and communicate with.


Before beginning a project, give yourself a budget range that you are comfortable with spending. From here, you can prioritize the different components of your project and add items that take precedent or drop those that do not.  Budgeting also gives a better idea of the scope of work possible and quality of finish materials that can be selected.

Disruption to Everyday Life

Lets face it, renovations are disruptive, and whole home renovations can be the most disruptive type. The ideal time to complete these projects is before you are moved into your house, or if you have an alternative place to live during the renovation. Most belongings will have to be removed from the floor or home that is being remodeled.   If your basement is already finished and functioning, you may want to consider moving into it during the process.

Styles, Designs, and Quality of Materials

Establish a design direction, and evaluate the aesthetics of your project as a whole. Take into considerations how the finished materials fit into the spaces they are being installed. Additionally consider design principles such as balance, proximity, alignment, repetition, contrast and space.

Upkeep and Resale

How will your whole home renovation affect the resale of your home?  Will the changes made add value to your home, and will these changes be beneficial to your life in one, five and ten years?

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