Open Concept Creation

Open concept floor plans are a popular trend in residential construction . They allow for improved traffic flow, multifunctional spaces, and achieve a sense of openness and brightness.  To accomplish this, a load-bearing wall may have to be removed.  This is one of our specialties at Beyond the Build.

We understand the importance of carrying out a load bearing wall removal correctly.  With dozens successfully completed, we have the experience to ensure that everything goes as planned.

We prepare and protect your home during the demolition and installation process, so that any unnecessary damage can be avoided.  Additionally, we work along side architects and engineers to provide us with the professional drawings and plans.  Removal of load bearing walls is a complex process and should only be completed by a trusted and qualified team.  All work is carried out by the experienced, licensed and insured Beyond the Build team, with the same attention to detail as all our projects.

Load Bearing Wall Removal Services
  • Removal of load bearing walls to create open concept
  • Installation of LVL/Steel beams
  • Flush or Drop Beam Installations
  • Qualified and Experienced Team of Framing Carpenters and Welders
  • Concrete footing installation
  • Steel support column installation
  • Structural Engineer Stamp and Municipal Permits included upon request
Full Service Load-Bearing Wall Removal Packages

If you would like a load-bearing wall removed, but are not in the middle of a renovation, we offer Full Service Packages for load-bearing wall removals.  This is an all-inclusive service option that will leave you with a completely finished product, and no other work to be completed!  We will coordinate with the engineer, and handle the permit process.  We carry out beam installation and any other structural needs that arise.  Lastly, we complete any drywall repairing/replacing , finishing, and touch ups that are required, and remove all debris from your home!

  • Includes protection of finished floors and areas
  • Includes permit and engineer stamps
  • Includes drywall repair and finishing services
  • Includes clean up and disposal


If you want to create an open-concept floor plan, tell us about your project here!


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