Our Promise To You
Our goal is to provide you with high quality home improvements, coupled with an experience that is transparent, honest, and efficient! As contractors, we deal with all aspects of your interior renovation, but as carpenters, we LOVE the work we do and are enthusiastic about sharing it with you.


Carpentry is our passion and we take pride in the work we do, whether that be framing and finishing your basement, or upgrading your home with all new flooring, trim and doors.  We provide superior craftsmanship and quality materials for all project scopes and budgets.  Beyond the Build will complete your project with a customized project plan, no hidden costs, and with ideas and concepts tailored to meet your needs!

With you every step of the way

With the familiar faces of our Beyond the Build team, feel comfortable having a renovation done in your home. The same individuals you meet initially, will be present through each stage of the project. Using in house carpenters and employees means that your project will be managed and completed by the same crew day in, day out.  No sub-trades for you to coordinate with, and no surprises from third party contracting teams.

Managing the number of sub-trades involved allows our specialists to focus on your project from start to finish, tactfully addressing any questions or concerns that emerge.  By doing this, any misinterpretation or confusion that can occur between the planning and execution stages, is avoided.  This ensures that everyone involved is on the same page.  Our team will also mitigate the various licensed trades needed to complete the project.  Our presence ensures that nothing is forgotten, unaccounted for, or misunderstood during your project. Additionally, the use of in-house carpenters and staff allow for a level of quality control and consistency that cannot be matched using other approaches. This means you can be sure that the end result you have envisioned will be created!


We do not take shortcuts to speed up the process or save money, at the cost of quality. We provide professional workmanship, proper installation techniques and high quality materials.


From start to finish, the renovation process will be reviewed and explained to you. Enjoy peace of mind with day-to-day communication and weekly progress reports.


Daily job site cleanliness standards are always upheld. We renovate in a safe, clean and friendly work environment.

Your project is our focus from beginning to end

During your project, Beyond the Build will review and explain each component, step-by-step, so that you understand how and why everything works. After an initial meet and greet, a Beyond the Build Professional will collaborate with you to establish design ideas and formulate a plan of action.  After this, material preferences and themes will be explored, chosen and procured so that everything needed for your project will be ready to go!  Finally, once your project is precisely planned, the building and installation phase can commence. You can rest assured knowing that nothing will be overlooked and that corners will never be cut with Beyond the Build.  Customer satisfaction and communication is held above all else.  We offer a transparent renovation process, with no surprises, no headaches and no sub-trades to coordinate with.

The Beyond the Build Experience

  • Customized Home Renovation Solutions
  • One on One Consultation and Concept Planning
  • Design Assistance and Material Procurement
  • Daily Progress Updates will be Provided
  • Day-to-Day Job Site Cleanliness Standards Upheld
  • Safe, Clean and Friendly Work Environment
  • Customized Project Services and Payment Plans

What “Going Beyond the Build” Means to Us


We do not take shortcuts to speed up the process or save money. Quality craftsmanship and efficient installation is always the focus. We provide professional workmanship with quality materials. What this means for your project is that we give you the best possible product while adhering to your budget.


Daily and weekly updates, visits and explanations of project processes are provided. This affords you, the client, peace of mind when dealing with Beyond the Build. We want the experience to be personalized and humble. We feel that with constant communication and the familiar faces of our carpenters, any uncertainty is relieved, and trust is built. Our goal is a high quality product, a transparent project plan and above all, the best customer experience possible. Our business is based on honesty, hard work, integrity and communication. We like doing things the right way, and are confident you will be happy with this approach.


With a background in structural and framing carpentry, our experts have the experience to plan and implement your home improvement project. Additional experience across the various fields of construction allow our carpenters and tradesmen to approach every job in a comprehensive fashion. We have the ability to assess the situation, interpret your vision and begin upgrading your space. This means that every stage of the process will be carefully planned so it is efficient and logical. If a fresh coat of paint is simply not enough, Go Beyond and discover the potential in your home!

Honest, Efficient, and Reliable.